Something beautiful...

"Something beautiful, Something good

All my confusion, You understood

All I had to offer you was brokenness and strife

But You made something beautiful of my life".

When I was a little girl, my mother as my Sunday School teacher, used to sing this song, "Something beautiful, something good" in my class and randomly through the house throughout my childhood. The lyrics at the time as a 9 or10 year old, didn't mean as much as they mean to me now.

In just a few sentences, it sums up my life and is what's inspired me to create this new platform- dedicated to the beauty all around me, to the things that inspire me and get my heart racing, and the passions that make me want to jump out of bed in the morning..

{ In pursuit of a life that is beautiful, while being grateful for a life that is good. }.

In honor of Mother's Day and celebrating her life everyday, thank you Mom for continually and inspiring me with your beautiful spirit. You are the most beautiful being I know, and someone so good, very worth creating this blog with mention of the huge impact you've had and continue to have in my life. I love you, my Queen.

Side note:

It's been a desire of mine to create a platform to share my ideas, inspirations, and art processes on. And if you're familiar with my website, you might know that I've launched a blog before, so let me honestly share that it was launched prematurely as I launched it alongside the birth of my textile business. And being a baby in business, (seriously in my infant stages) I was NOWHERE near ready or mentally able to commit to a blog as yet. Haha, believe me! Nowhere near ready. So to remove the pressure from my life of trying to keep up, I took a happy step back and focused on designing, to eventually be led to the place I'm in now- A place I can share openly and freely with ease, with a much greater sense of who I am as an artist, designer, woman, an expresser, and lover of many things.

So whether you are a returning reader or new visitor, thank you for being here!I look forward to sharing with you. Please feel free to interact with me via comments/emails as your heart desires.

Today I introduce to you, a new series of work I've named "Home" inspired by the beauty and peace I've found around what's been home to me for the last 13 years. I wouldn't be able to adequately express my love for anything on this blog, if I didn't begin with telling you where much of my inspiration and love for life comes from. And that's home for me. My values, my goals and ambitions have all began here. It's the only place I know I can leave everything and never question if it'll be here when I return. So I owe God much of my gratitude for providing such a place.

Lately in life, I've recognized that I haven't had to look very far for inspiration. Everything I've needed has often been found right within the walls of my home, or outside of my home in nature. The way things have come into full bloom this spring, ESPECIALLY has really influenced the way that I think and create.

All designs shared within this space, are also available for purchase in the 'Shibori shop' portion of my website. I look forward to sharing my processes with you. And I thank you for joining me on the fresh start of this blogging journey.

Stay tuned for what's to come this Wednesday, Also you can sign up to be notified when I have new goodies to share with you! Talk to you soon!


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