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In this workshop, guests will learn the beautiful art of Shibori Dyeing Techniques with Indigo dye. Shibori Dyeing includes the folding, clamping, stitching, and compressing of cloth before dipping into dye to achieve stunning patterns. After each of these techniques are demonstrated, each guest will have the opportunity to choose the technique admired most to dye onto 1 yard of cotton that can optionally be cut into sample squares. Additionally, a luxurious silk scarf will be provided to be dyed on. 

Class begins with an introduction to the beauty and history of Shibori and Indigo Dye.
After seeing the various ways of achieving patterns onto cloth, and demonstrations of each technique, we will dive into manipulating our fabrics to be dyed. 

We will use a beautiful dye bath of natural Indigo and watch the wonders of our fabric go from bright green to blue as it oxidizes. Each guest will unravel their fabrics to behold the beauty of the patterns that have been created.

Come individually or with a group!

Shibori Dye A Silk Scarf

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